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by Mr. Lif

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Verse 1 Begin initiation / It's been too many years of waitin' / While other rappers fell off, I've been contemplating / What's the best way / to blow up the scene / Murder all the wack / and get away clean? / Plan one / All the wack got done / State by state / One by one / And peace to my brothers in the Ton (Boston) / Here come / Plan 2 / Separate their crew / Divide and conquer / cause it's evident I'm stronger / than the average man generated by the ganja / Some MC's got 40 ounce hearts and blunt brains / and their frames are supported by a spine of cocaine / But I'm / Rolling dimes with your mind / sipping your heart in hard times / your spine is in lines / exported to Peru and I'm / about to flip on something iller / Sip a / Heineken or Miller / The blank page filler / Until ya brain erupt / This ish is madness in a cup Verse 2 Wether in the studio, on the road, or on tour / my mic remains raw / Verbal metamorphosis of metaphor / In the cocoon to incubate / ascend at higher rates / Never no time to waste / Heat seeking killer rhymes annihilate / My suffixes / Cause eclipses / Mad elixirs / for dime smoking blunt fixers / My flow snatches the earth off it's axis / and leaves civilization in galactic paralysis / My analysis leads me to an exodus / Synthesis like photo / Africa like Toto / Now on to my dojo / The setting is Pluto / Then back to earth to kill rappers with my Judo / 16th century duel bro / On horsebacks / through your thorax / Relax / Drink up / This ish is madness in a cup Verse 3 Line by line / I combine / phrases to graze kids / the grooves of my wax form labyrinths and mazes / melting glaciers cause my rhymes warm globally / broken ozones, casualties, & microphones / White's Barry tones in my headphones / Whirlwind MC / and my flows are now cyclones / go on, blow the earth up into stars and / I'll tip toe the constellations just like Starman / but even as particles / I'll build rhymes by molecules / black holes I've fallen through / rebuild your cells and follicles / my brain cells are jail cells where my thoughts dwell / amongst the smoke of 1,000 L's / and still increasing / peace signs to wrap my piece in / and I be keepin' / tissues for those that's weeping / You win it all or lose it all / Riches to the winner / to the loser shells fall / All in all / I'm breaking hearts and hiding traces / Uniting the races / and gaining mad speed from cop chases / This place is blowing up / This ish is madness in a cup
This Won 03:13
Elektro 04:55
VERSE 1 Right from the intro / The God opens your ears and then yo / mind and then jacks the government info/ documents on ghetto occupants / I've been rocking since back in the days / Check the craze / Lyrically, my mind creates a maze / Once you get locked in / you're missing for days / and then come back pro Black / So strapped with knowledge of self / You won't chase material wealth / The scariest stealth bomber to ever cruise the airwaves / When I drop, the earth crack / Brothers want their frankincense and myrrh back / You made a track? / Yo, I heard that / It didn't sound tight / You put it on the Internet, I'm in yor sound byte / glitch / Change the pitch / Then switch your shit with mine / on time / lyrical contact through digital rhyme / physical sign / on your frame is a bruise / Your mic ooze / You fuck with the God, you're bound to lose / Everything is calm until I see you at the next show / Elektro VERSE 2 My mic technique unorthodox / It sort of shocks / Stalks rappers at night / I write something hyped / Try to bite / I try to snipe your face with the bass / This is just a taste of lyrical dominance from the mentally prominent / Man that thinks and sinks deep into thought / only to emerge and surge with words that use forces / to knock white men off of horses / when trying to add to Black losses / my code morses / putting our people on positive courses / but of course it's only natural / for somebody to try to fuck it up, and that's factual / So I use the same flow that put brothers under in "The Serpent & The Rainbow" / Go back to "Beat Street" and resurrect Ramo / Knock the shit out of Spit / Verbal eclipse / No light when I write / Try to turn it on / I turn and bomb your whole damn set / veteran to cadet / Go to the store, buy the cassette / Press play, and I just may / hop out your radio and riddle you with lyrical spray / But would the cops let me slide? / No way / Usual suspect like Kaiser Soze / Creeping out the front grid of your Bose / Took you out and your man Jose / DT's showed up and said "No way!" / Okay / Blanket the whole proximity / looking specifically for Liftedly / Yet my whereabouts remain a mystery / You'll never find / cause I'll forever blind anybody whose trying to bind mine / You checking the time? / Armageddon soon come / You checking the rhyme? / Wack MC's soon done / Run for cover / Hide and fear what I let go / Elektro VERSE 3 Try to jump over my rap synapses / Soon after your left lung collapses / Look at your watch, no time elapses / Perhaps it's the actual fact / That you're the actual wack brother that lost contact with the real boom bap from way back / But Imma bring it right to your chest unless you can dodge this missile / Homing / Following wherever you're roaming / Back up everyone / The God's zoning / There's no way to keep track of all the spots I'm blowing / Comp plan to come test, but ain't showing / I'm knowing / secret facts about present day and past presidents / Using them as rhyme elements / brought forth with eloquence / Uplifting every brother whether in jeep, jail, or residence / speaking in past, future, or present tense / What I invent will indent / Implement / Then advance and enhance / My stance / B-Boy / Back arched / Arms crossed / Legs spread / I'm the dread / Feds looking for me but I'm kinda fed / I know your next move / Your mind's read / you're bumbaclot dead / What I said will just shock the spot / Rock the spot / Remind you of the days when you popped and locked on ghetto blocks / on a cardboard box / but now you dodge stray shots and crooked cops / but never fear / cause what I pump into the air / will rapidly increase our strength from year to year / And our progress will leave every wicked man petro / Elektro -Lif
The Nothing 04:19
Farmhand 03:44
Be Out! 03:34
VERSE 1 It started with 2 turntables and a mic / Lightning strike / Electricity / MC rip rhymes, DJ cut the wax viciously / The combo / maliciously raw / ingenious and precise / Mad nice / Soon to be subject to mad heists / Brothers talking bout they rock mad ice / Living mad shiesty / In the battle of art versus trends / poetry ends when money contends / The recipe blends / and becomes diluted / polluted in fact / But check who's been recruited in tact with rhymes for your mind / Everyday's a struggle cause society framed you / But raise your head and walk with pride because I came to... VERSE 2 The only place I can find justice is deep inside of these lines that I design / Displaying situations of the times / People in general are targets of big money markets / and we're all disposable /unless you come ready to work fully posable / with suit and tie / ready to buy / into the bullshit images / People claiming that money is what their religion is / Filthy females that are visionless / and flows that are precisionless / Let me be your mind's eye / Envision this / Rise above / Your power is limitless / The ghetto's designed to leave you spiritless / Living from day to day / Dodging AK (47) spray / Brothaz doing anything for pay / in streets that spite the light of day / The fallen God's been lead astray / I must retaliate / (Why?) / Because they made it that way / Fully educated rhyme spray / My way is to give you something to cling to / so you can survive dilemmas that you live through / then exist through your life and focus on being in search of what's real / instead of just relying on the steel VERSE 3 Check it / This is the new lyrical selection / Red, Black, & Green protection / Motivation and pride connection / Moving the focus of your perception away from nice cars with fuel injection / The lesson is often taught / but never heard / leaving your vision forever blurred / Killing for wealth in a world that's absurd / with hate and killing / and fate / delivered by a villain / fucked up from skunk and malt liquor and now he's illin / cause he hasn't had a meal in 3 days / Chopped your neck in 3 ways / common occurrences these days / Soon to be locked in a cell for raising hell / Looking back upon his life / wondering where he fell / But martyrs tell / of many uncivil nights / while battling for civil rights / Brothaz die cause ignorance plights / and ignorance fights progress in all shapes and types / by blocking the lights of success from brothaz' sights / So a nigga snipes his brother who he claims he never likes / and snatches his Adidas or Nikes / so I drop knowledge on mics until apocalypse strikes / Atomic blasts blowing brothaz off dirt bikes / I mold the soil into dirt spikes and jump straight from the top of the chart / and drive em through the devil's heart / It's time to revolt and restart / and live our lives from the heart / and bring this music back to the art / rip it apart
Day of Power 03:16
Flick 02:39
Verse 1 It's always night time when I write rhymes / That's the only time that I might find / The phone not ringing / Mail man not bringing stress that's shortening my life line / What's this I'm seeing on Dateline? / Somebody murdered in a hate crime / Sorrow building up in my heart / Then I start / but I stop / cause I really do hate crying / Even though it's worse when the tears don't come /That's when it feels like I just go numb / Ho hum, I'm jogging in place / On the low, so my music gets lost in space /You take a taste and then you pass me on / but please find a system to blast me on / I be staying up wiring rhymes til dawn / Don't wait to appreciate this when I'm gone VERSE 2 I might watch an old school flick / Hit you with the new shit / Do shit / Stimulate the brain like a news clip / Who's it? / That's me / Greater than Gatsby / Ask any one of my friends, they'll say I'm ashy / Pass me the lotion / Watch it absorb / I'm too real, so you'll never see the God in Forbes / Magazines wanna capture my ideals / but on the low, I'm just giving y'all Braille to feel / Now sit back and watch me reflect / View my light / The God beam clearer than hindsight / and my mic might strike down a few / Piss me off and I'll open up the ground for you / Was I supposed to rhyme more? / Scatter brain / My dome is like jigsaw / I've got a big saw / C4 / What I got the door rigged for??? / Discourages house guests / You can find me dining out less / Consider this a home cooked meal / For real / Just a little something you feel -Lif


Finally available for official download is the coveted "Sleepyheads (Unreleased & Hard to Find) vol 1. This is the original first edition of the Sleepyheads series enhanced with one bonus track ("Flick") extracted from the vault. Also, for the 1st time ever, the official lyrics to long time favorites, Madness in a Cup, Elektro, & Because They Made it That Way are available here.

This project chronicles songs from the start of my career. During this era, I had a strict doctrine of self sufficiency, and as a result 8 of the 14 tracks (This Won, Elektro, The Nothing, Inhuman Capabilities, Farmhand, Be Out, Day of Power, & Flick) are produced entirely by me.

I've recently rediscovered my love for production and I'm currently creating new self produced projects. This being the fact, it seems fitting to make Sleepyheads available for your listening pleasure once again at this time. I sincerely hope you enjoy & thank you so much for your support.



released December 11, 2012

Madness in A Cup - Produced by Steve the Archeologist / Lyrics by Lif
This Won - Produced by Lif / Lyrics by Lif . Cuts by DJ Sense
Elektro - Produced by Lif / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by Fakts One
The Nothing - Produced by Lif / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by 7L
Triangular Warfare - Produced by Insight / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by Fakts One
Farmhand - Produced by Lif / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by Fakts One
Settle the Score - Produced by Insight / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by Fakts One
Be Out - Produced by Lif / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by Fakts One
Because They Made it That Way - Produced by Akrobatik / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by Fakts One
Day Of Power - Produced by Lif / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by DJ Sense
Night Train Radio Freestyle
Target Gristle - Produced by Insight / Lyrics by Lif
Flick - Produced by Lif / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by Mr. Sonny James


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Mr. Lif Boston, Massachusetts

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