from Sleepyheads by Mr. Lif



This was just one of those nights where I found the right sounds and everything just fit. Soon as I finished the beat, I put pen to paper and really emptied out my brain on this one.

For me, creating this song was a fortifying moment in my ideals of self sufficiency as an MC / Producer. The power of being able to go home one night, spend a stretch of hours in my room working on music, and wake up with a completed song in the morning had me in awe. No waiting on producers. Just delving into my imagination and creating something uniquely me.




Right from the intro / The God opens your ears and then yo / mind and then jacks the government info/ documents on ghetto occupants / I've been rocking since back in the days / Check the craze / Lyrically, my mind creates a maze / Once you get locked in / you're missing for days / and then come back pro Black / So strapped with knowledge of self / You won't chase material wealth / The scariest stealth bomber to ever cruise the airwaves / When I drop, the earth crack / Brothers want their frankincense and myrrh back / You made a track? / Yo, I heard that / It didn't sound tight / You put it on the Internet, I'm in yor sound byte / glitch / Change the pitch / Then switch your shit with mine / on time / lyrical contact through digital rhyme / physical sign / on your frame is a bruise / Your mic ooze / You fuck with the God, you're bound to lose / Everything is calm until I see you at the next show / Elektro


My mic technique unorthodox / It sort of shocks / Stalks rappers at night / I write something hyped / Try to bite / I try to snipe your face with the bass / This is just a taste of lyrical dominance from the mentally prominent / Man that thinks and sinks deep into thought / only to emerge and surge with words that use forces / to knock white men off of horses / when trying to add to Black losses / my code morses / putting our people on positive courses / but of course it's only natural / for somebody to try to fuck it up, and that's factual / So I use the same flow that put brothers under in "The Serpent & The Rainbow" / Go back to "Beat Street" and resurrect Ramo / Knock the shit out of Spit / Verbal eclipse / No light when I write / Try to turn it on / I turn and bomb your whole damn set / veteran to cadet / Go to the store, buy the cassette / Press play, and I just may / hop out your radio and riddle you with lyrical spray / But would the cops let me slide? / No way / Usual suspect like Kaiser Soze / Creeping out the front grid of your Bose / Took you out and your man Jose / DT's showed up and said "No way!" / Okay / Blanket the whole proximity / looking specifically for Liftedly / Yet my whereabouts remain a mystery / You'll never find / cause I'll forever blind anybody whose trying to bind mine / You checking the time? / Armageddon soon come / You checking the rhyme? / Wack MC's soon done / Run for cover / Hide and fear what I let go / Elektro


Try to jump over my rap synapses / Soon after your left lung collapses / Look at your watch, no time elapses / Perhaps it's the actual fact / That you're the actual wack brother that lost contact with the real boom bap from way back / But Imma bring it right to your chest unless you can dodge this missile / Homing / Following wherever you're roaming / Back up everyone / The God's zoning / There's no way to keep track of all the spots I'm blowing / Comp plan to come test, but ain't showing / I'm knowing / secret facts about present day and past presidents / Using them as rhyme elements / brought forth with eloquence / Uplifting every brother whether in jeep, jail, or residence / speaking in past, future, or present tense / What I invent will indent / Implement / Then advance and enhance / My stance / B-Boy / Back arched / Arms crossed / Legs spread / I'm the dread / Feds looking for me but I'm kinda fed / I know your next move / Your mind's read / you're bumbaclot dead / What I said will just shock the spot / Rock the spot / Remind you of the days when you popped and locked on ghetto blocks / on a cardboard box / but now you dodge stray shots and crooked cops / but never fear / cause what I pump into the air / will rapidly increase our strength from year to year / And our progress will leave every wicked man petro / Elektro



from Sleepyheads, released December 11, 2012
Produced by Lif / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by Fakts One


all rights reserved



Mr. Lif Boston, Massachusetts

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