Heavy Artillery

from Emergency Rations by Mr. Lif

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If I recall correctly, we recorded this song on Christmas. Go figure. I guess it's kind of a festive tune. If you listen closely, you can hear a rendition of "Jingle Bells" playing in the background....



Verse 1

Usually, I'm at the bottom of the sea dormant / But every now and then, I'm called upon to torment / So I emerge / Feel the rays of the sun, surge with power / The prepare to tear and devour / And after that's understood / I let my sounds Blair like Underwood / after this, lightning and thunder could.../ crash in the sky and project down to the terrain / The heat makes blood bubble in your veins / Volts of energy channel through your feet / in the form of a beat / Rally back your troops / Retreat / Abort mission cause you know you can't compete / You're weak / Fuck a backup plan / Delete /Cause after the mega charge / I grow mega large / Increase in size, so no one survives / You can't believe what you see before your eyes / Yes, the God Lif has returned to terrorize / Armed forces came out ready to brawl / but at 100 stories tall / brothaz look small / This is the part where I stomp all comp / Rip through the city / Crush and romp / They buss ammo at my frame, but it deflects / My eye beam connects / burns shit up and wrecks / Lyrical text slash necks / blood spatters all over my specs / Body parts are found in tape decks / So visual, you can't watch the scene / If you press stop, the gears lock and pop your spleen / Then I start to finish em / Metaphor / Simile / Mr. Lif has broken out the heavy artillery

Verse 2

Release the Kraken and summon the Gods / I defeated Zeus and Thor / Now I want more / I call on the rains, so now let it pour / to soften up the ground so I can bury the gore / Book me for a show son, send me on tour / but brothaz are fair game up in the airplane / I'll battle everybody aisles A-Z on the free / but none of them were fuckin' with me / Watch as I maneuver this... / hype rhyme past the stewardess without her even noticing / Yes, I found an opening / You lost cause you weren't focusing / Now your dome's hot and smoldering / Open up the hatch so I can drop out the cargo / Cause I'm known to blaze stars just like the Argo / These rhymes are going far beyond your belief / I'm like the Golden Child, each and every day, I eat a leaf / Give me a wreath / I'll have a feast / Gain knowledge of self / then I plan to conquer the beast / and I'll build back your mental piece by piece / giving brand new life to the mentally deceased / But after this / The situation gets truly hazardous / torturous / disastrous / Imagine this / Experiencing hell right after bliss / In this experiment, I'm the catalyst / Welcome to the realms where money is God / and they tamper with your brain til you're a spiritual fraud / As you focus on these words and enter the mind state / I slow down your pulse then increase the rhyme rate / Fall into deep psychosis / What's the prognosis? Osmosis / Underwater diffusion / Welcome to the realms of liquid illusion / where stationary things appear to be moving / Look at your speedometer, how fast are you cruising? / Thoughts race, images flash, you're gonna crash! / But maintain your focus and move with agility / Cause Mr. Lif has broken out the heavy artillery

-Mr.Lif 2002


from Emergency Rations, released July 31, 2014
Produced by Edan / All lyrics written and performed by J. Haynes for Virtua Stab Publishing (SESAC) / Cuts by Edan / Recorded and mixed by Edan at Studio 54 (Boston)


all rights reserved



Mr. Lif Boston, Massachusetts

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