Madness In a Cup

from Sleepyheads by Mr. Lif



Madness in A Cup was one of the first breakthrough tracks that let me and my team know that we could quite possibly make an impact. In the years prior to creating this song, I spent a lot of time over at Papa D's studio learning how to record my vocals. It was the perfect setup because his roommate was a talented producer (Steve aka "The Archeologist").

Steve made beats and would walk them right across the hall where we would dump them to ADAT for recording. Steve is actually the person who taught me how to make beats. I'm forever thankfully to him for that.

This song opened so many doors for me. It landed me my first tour which was a 30 day run of Europe and the UK alongside Del, Casual, Z-Trip. The original pressing of this song appears on "The Rebel Alliance" LP on Brick records.

In 1998 El-P and I actually met before a Company Flow show in Boston based on him liking "Madness....". That meeting forged the friendship that then went on to create songs like "Phantom", "Arise", "Return of the B-Boy", and many more.



Verse 1

Begin initiation / It's been too many years of waitin' / While other rappers fell off, I've been contemplating / What's the best way / to blow up the scene / Murder all the wack / and get away clean? / Plan one / All the wack got done / State by state / One by one / And peace to my brothers in the Ton (Boston) / Here come / Plan 2 / Separate their crew / Divide and conquer / cause it's evident I'm stronger / than the average man generated by the ganja / Some MC's got 40 ounce hearts and blunt brains / and their frames are supported by a spine of cocaine / But I'm / Rolling dimes with your mind / sipping your heart in hard times / your spine is in lines / exported to Peru and I'm / about to flip on something iller / Sip a / Heineken or Miller / The blank page filler / Until ya brain erupt / This ish is madness in a cup

Verse 2

Wether in the studio, on the road, or on tour / my mic remains raw / Verbal metamorphosis of metaphor / In the cocoon to incubate / ascend at higher rates / Never no time to waste / Heat seeking killer rhymes annihilate / My suffixes / Cause eclipses / Mad elixirs / for dime smoking blunt fixers / My flow snatches the earth off it's axis / and leaves civilization in galactic paralysis / My analysis leads me to an exodus / Synthesis like photo / Africa like Toto / Now on to my dojo / The setting is Pluto / Then back to earth to kill rappers with my Judo / 16th century duel bro / On horsebacks / through your thorax / Relax / Drink up / This ish is madness in a cup

Verse 3

Line by line / I combine / phrases to graze kids / the grooves of my wax form labyrinths and mazes / melting glaciers cause my rhymes warm globally / broken ozones, casualties, & microphones / White's Barry tones in my headphones / Whirlwind MC / and my flows are now cyclones / go on, blow the earth up into stars and / I'll tip toe the constellations just like Starman / but even as particles / I'll build rhymes by molecules / black holes I've fallen through / rebuild your cells and follicles / my brain cells are jail cells where my thoughts dwell / amongst the smoke of 1,000 L's / and still increasing / peace signs to wrap my piece in / and I be keepin' / tissues for those that's weeping / You win it all or lose it all / Riches to the winner / to the loser shells fall / All in all / I'm breaking hearts and hiding traces / Uniting the races / and gaining mad speed from cop chases / This place is blowing up / This ish is madness in a cup


from Sleepyheads, released December 11, 2012
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