Pull Out Your Cut

from Emergency Rations by Mr. Lif

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Verse 1

Lif / a new state of mind, new state of being / Constantly striving to understand what you're seeing / Finding the courage to stop fleeing / problems that lie within / So this is where we begin / Self esteem... / Something that's diminishing / Look upon the faces of the youth, I see them withering / Societal pressures can be imprisoning / Look at the effects that they have on us all / It's rather riveting / How many women you know with eating disorders? / How much make-up on the faces of our pre-pubescent daughters? / Dudes are acting macho and they don't know why / A famous never written law is that boys should never cry / Keep all those emotions bottled up / Now wassup? / You can't communicate once you became an adult / Situations got raw cause you had lockjaw / Your kids ended up learning bout life from a pop star / But I feel that rap is more real / Matter of fact, this music's gotten me through many an ordeal / I was laying on a stretcher kicking rhymes by Eazy-E / after falling of my bike while holding food from Mickey D's / So I chilled... / Had to calm my mental state / Happy with the knowledge that the music helped me meditate / and while I'm healing , waiting for this world to erupt / You can catch me sitting next to my crate, pulling out cuts

Verse 2

I'll flip / You know I'll flip the script / I said I'll flip / You know I'll flip the script / The Guru / He's been my idol for years / Flippin' shit with Premier / Making the B-Boys cheer / And the GZA... / "Investigative Reports" / He, Ghost and Raekwon, they didn't take no shorts / Plus the "R"... / Cause that's the way that it has to be / These brothers redefined lyrical mastery / And I could go on, cold pulling cuts for days / but I've got something to say about you rappers today / Your rhymes drop in weak spurts / so you bite til' your teeth hurt / but I'm your dentist / so meet my apprentice / Chucky / and Charlie Bronson from "Death Wish" / I couldn't hoard all of these medical skills and be selfish / It's hard to say rhymes with no incisors or canines / I kill all the weak lines your minuscule brain finds / Cause I'm the type of kid that's on the positive tip / but that's because I suppress my urges to slaughter you quick / But this time I just can't fight the feelin' / That's why I'm smiling as your small intestines dangle from the ceiling / You're over / As KRS had said on a track....
"It means return of the real hard beats and real rap"

-Mr. Lif 2002


from Emergency Rations, released July 31, 2014
Produced by DJ Hype for In Ya Ear Productions/Masters on Broadway / All lyrics written and performed by J. Haynes for Virtua Stab Publishing (SESAC) / Cuts by DJ Hype / Additional vocals by Fakts One / Mixed by Ray Fernandes at Boston Butta Beats /


all rights reserved



Mr. Lif Boston, Massachusetts

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