The Sun

from I Heard It Today by Mr. Lif

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This song is a burst of energy and self esteem to uplift anyone feeling the weight of these modern day struggles.


Verse 1

I came from the wind / came from the seas / came from kings / came from queens, providing means to express what's seen / I'm the hope that'll gleam when things seem useless / futile / fruitless / I'm hoping you can use this / the truth can be ruthless / you're launching your attack, then you need some theme music / expressing your emotions / in sync with the oceanic tide believe we're gonna glide / Don't panic / I could be frantic or maybe mellow and soothing / no matter what tempo or form, I still moving / I moved Bob Marley / and I moved Etta James / yet they claim when a riot breaks out / I'm to blame / Same people who / raised hell in their youth / now they've got all types of advice to tell you / do what you feel / if your actions are real / then you shall find glory when the truth is revealed / Just follow your calling, when your missions are done, they'll wonder.....


Where did you come from...High in the sky you're the sun...I've been waiting for someone like you...Where did you come from?

Verse 2

Where did I come from? Well it starts with the drum / enemies run / once you hear my rhythm you're done / you should have come / you shouldn't have spun ud into bondage / 40 acres and a mule / another broken promise / we're working in the fields, well you should pay us as farmers / Make a compromise, well that's the way you uncle Tom us / Divide and conquer / on the low we grow stronger / every situation you create, we'll make a song for / freedom's what we long for / our pain and our soul / all captured by a griot as our story is told / so our future generations can express and unfold in modern societies / as we're nearing our goals / MC's will be the vessel / so long as they don't aim the minds of our youth toward material gains / If this starts to happen / then you'll turn to the captain / that's where you'll find me checking in / ready for action / solar generated, cultivated by the sun / just follow your calling / when your missions are done they'll wonder....


Where did you come from...High in the sky you're the sun...I've been waiting for someone like you...Where did you come from?

Verse 3

Where did I come from? / Sit back and just wonder! / Earth is my element / Lightning / Thunder! / grey skies signify the pain I've been through / You can see it in my eyes, unleashed at every venue / messages I send you could cut like Tenchu / until you recognize your potential / I won't let you wander, aimless nameless / carrying the stainless steel / concealed / fucking with crime to gain fame is low / wanna race around the world? / let's go! / no luggage though / that anger that you carry / Let go! / I ran far / Way past the crisis in Myanmar / stood in the ... where eternal sands are / Gazed at the horizon and the future looked enticing / so my only choice / stay on my path and keep grinding / Wildin' / Saying fuck the critics / Never compromising / I'll push your eyes in if you;re sleeping while I'm verbalizing / Yes I do this out of love and for the fun / Just follow your calling / when your missions are done, they'll wonder......


from I Heard It Today, track released April 14, 2009
The Sun - Produced by Headnodic (e. parsonage) Mantragroove Music ASCAP / Written by J. Haynes for Virtua Stab Publishing (SESAC) / Recorded by Decaye at The Ivory Tower / Mixed by Joey Raia at Gotham Studios NYC / Mastered by AmDex for ADAM


all rights reserved



Mr. Lif Boston, Massachusetts

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