Collapse the Walls

from I Heard It Today by Mr. Lif

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This track is produced by my long time friend and collaborator Edan. Always an adventure when we work together. This addition to our work presents some exploration of how constrained we are by the capitalist system. Verse 3 takes a surrealist approach to breaking free by using the unlimited power of the imagination. On the low, Cut Chemist added some production to the beat switch in verse 3.


Verse 1

Where's the law that says if I make a buck, you've gotta get a cut? / Get the fuck outta my pockets and my eye sockets / Bad programming with a smooth slow jam in the background / That's how you've got us all strapped down / That sound that I hear / you telling us to fear / like the muthafuckin' earth will end this year / Yeah / It's that same old same old / Actual development is in slow mo / Work a steady day job then go home / You're free to roam anywhere within our zone / Hmmmm / Not really loving all the options? / Here's a little tax break / Now go shopping! / Am I the only one that feels hollow? / a sense of sorrow / from a pre-designed tomorrow? / This world only exists for monetary cause / We should use our mind power to collapse the walls /

Verse 2

When I use the term "The World" / I'm referring to the complex / Megaplex / that never let's you breathe / "Fly over it" / but it never let's you leave / "And you only know" / everything it let's you see / O.D. on the norm / til we all conform / same attitude / same shoes and ties are worn / then swarm to the screen / til the images seen / make you forget to dream / only living for the green and... / maybe we should take it to the start again / burn up all the money and then start bartering / smarter than, this construct / misconduct / awe struck / at the fact that we're all fucked! / All ducks in a row, thriving off one mineral / Hurts on the low / so I compose syllables / Visual / This empire's gonna fall / if we use our mind power ti collapse the walls

Verse 3

Take a deep breath / as I give it my best / to flee the realms of stress / Look! now I'm at the top of Everest / At the crest with my Emperess / I suggest, we reside at no particular address / Leave the world behind / See the true divine lack of limitation through creation / It can't be found within the borders of the nation / Patiently I ski on treetops and eavesdrop / as the leaves talk / if there's an earthquake / I let the beat drop / Knees knock in panic / so I cradle the planet / take a thought and expand it / til it becomes a mode of transit / and it takes me / where my imagination finds elation / to define senation / I had to cling to correlation / For a patient waiting in my foyer / I'm like Okoye / run through / hit em with that check one two / Travel from the stage to the stone age without a pause / cause I use my mind power to collapse the walls


from I Heard It Today, track released April 14, 2009
Collapse the Walls - Produced & mixed by Edan (E. Portnoy / Big Nose Productions (SESAC) / Beat for 3rd verse produced by Cut Chemist (L. Macfadden / Uppercut Music (ASCAP) and Edan / Written by J. Haynes for Virtua Stab Publishing (SESAC) / Recorded by Decaye at The Ivory Tower / Mastered at by: Peter Humphreys


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Mr. Lif Boston, Massachusetts

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