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I Heard It Today

by Mr. Lif

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Verse 1 My house is like a bunker I won't open the door Turn off the fuckin' TV cause all I'm seeing is war Chaos projected Til my dome is infected (sfx) Shit's hectic! This is a greater depression Politicians are henchmen Working for corporations Wealth concentration camps They won't give us a chance On the backs of the many So the few can advance Chorus Cuts Verse 2 Economy collapsing The people are trapped in The wealthy acting like they didn't know this would happen Retirement dried up The elderly work force Nowadays at 65 you've gotta be a workhorse Makes you wonder what the end goal is for the cold and soul less My man passed me the steel like "Here hold this!" We bout to make a change Told him "Brother it's a paper game You've gotta leave their money in flames to give em pain We break into this place end up in jail Incarceration's gonna make the wealthy wealthier still He peeped me through the blunt smoke without a complaint Out of respect for my knowledge yo he showed some restraint We're the earth inheritors Representing all areas You spend trillions to control what we think You're scared of us Y'all unworthy to serve we the people You profit off of death and you manifest evil Chorus Cuts
Chorus We're at our limit now/ enough is enough / you sitting on billions of dollars / but what about us?! / One government / One world motto / "In God We Trust" / but what about us?! Verse 1 I write my rap quotes on bank notes / and bank statements that don't make sense / around the time it's time for me to pay rent / my patience is running out / the truth is coming out / abuse of clout / ceo's using large amounts we could never dream of / for leisure / it's like we're in a war without a heater / or broke at a casino / staring at the dealer / light your sensimellia / they rush to lock you up for puffing on the stress reliever / and Obama wouldn't stop em / neither would Mc Cain / let me explain / I got lost playing your game / they pumped a couple slugs in my frame / y'all tax payer slayers / turn the other cheek deregulators / trust betrayers / Reagan, Nixon, and Petraeus poorly portray us / program us just to sway us / promise us favors / then use em' just to dominate us / Oh now you're printing $700 Billion just to save the children? / Y'all muthafuckaz bout to make a killin' Chorus We're at out limit now / enough is enough / you're sitting on billions of dollars / but what about us?! / No health care / just enough change to ride the muthafuckin' bus / what about us?! / Our biggest mistake was giving you trust / you living plush / and you don't give a fuck about us / One government / one world motto / "In God We Trust" / but what about us?! Verse 2 Is this in our best interest / to infest the world with stress / just so you can dress best? / I guess you answered "yes" / as we linger at the precipice / just a hair from dyin' / hear the cryin'? / that old couple with the hopes of retirin' about to clap you with the iron / tryin' hard not to let go / of goals they set from the get go / lost their power in the price of petrol / and now they're petro / and so the story goes / death with no memorials / tutorials on this don't exist / income tax is just a myth to make the bankers richer / so they can sell you half the picture / and seize your assets quicker than you can go acquire em / we have the right to fire em / instead we're co- conspiring / through silence / through science that's social / and economic / they manufacture our consent to make a profit / the paper's been powerless since they left the gold standard / they're using currency to rule the whole planet Chorus We're at out limit now / enough is enough / you're sitting on billions of dollars / but what about us?! / No health care / just enough change to ride the muthafuckin' bus / what about us?! / Our biggest mistake was giving you trust / you living plush / and you don't give a fuck about us / One government / one world motto / "In God We Trust" / but what about us?!
Mr. Lif Verse 1 Pardon me / so rude to not introduce / my name is Lif / I'm raw, and I be gettin' loose / on the M. I. / the "C". is just a sickle I use / to perforate the neck, and pop the head with a noose / beheaded rappers / usually indebted rappers / factors they miscalculated left them all annihilated / I'm over skilled and under stated / often under rated / overlooked because the market's over saturated / I'm fascinated with this fabricated / reality / we're living in / so imprisoning / a far cry / from what I was envisioning / they took freedom / and made it limiting / imminent / doom awaits / hardships accumulate / assuming you relate to this glimpse of human fate / open your eyes / be wise and stay true / vivid with expression when you're representing you. Chorus Stress levels like you wouldn't believe / yo I need some relief / everybody just breathe / Stress levels like you wouldn't believe / yo I need some relief / so I've gotta just breathe / Stress levels like you wouldn't believe / yo I need some relief / everybody just breathe Stress levels like you wouldn't believe / yo I need some relief / everybody Bahamadia Verse 2 What's good? / I'm Baham from the West side of Philly / the woman know for globally transmitting / rediculous syllable flipping for the last decade and some change for a living / all about cultivating "A alike" energy and building / borderline backpack / but I still stack cash / I'm an entrepreneur / I don't rap just to rap / don't get me twisted or confused with the average indie artist who be singing the blues / I'm not that / shrewd in fact when it pertains to my business / I have paid my dues / I am in this game to win it / all the false humility I've been witnessing is sickening / it clashes with a broad like me / one of the realest / most qualified to expose what the deal is / call it how I see it in a minute / can't be fearful or timid in a leadership position / aspire to advance / anything other than that is bullshittin' Chorus Stress levels like you wouldn't believe / yo I need some relief / everybody just breathe / Stress levels like you wouldn't believe / yo I need some relief / so I've gotta just breathe / Stress levels like you wouldn't believe / yo I need some relief / everybody just breathe Stress levels like you wouldn't believe / yo I need some relief / everybody
Verse 1 Where's the law that says if I make a buck, you've gotta get a cut? / Get the fuck outta my pockets and my eye sockets / Bad programming with a smooth slow jam in the background / That's how you've got us all strapped down / That sound that I hear / you telling us to fear / like the muthafuckin' earth will end this year / Yeah / It's that same old same old / Actual development is in slow mo / Work a steady day job then go home / You're free to roam anywhere within our zone / Hmmmm / Not really loving all the options? / Here's a little tax break / Now go shopping! / Am I the only one that feels hollow? / a sense of sorrow / from a pre-designed tomorrow? / This world only exists for monetary cause / We should use our mind power to collapse the walls / Verse 2 When I use the term "The World" / I'm referring to the complex / Megaplex / that never let's you breathe / "Fly over it" / but it never let's you leave / "And you only know" / everything it let's you see / O.D. on the norm / til we all conform / same attitude / same shoes and ties are worn / then swarm to the screen / til the images seen / make you forget to dream / only living for the green and... / maybe we should take it to the start again / burn up all the money and then start bartering / smarter than, this construct / misconduct / awe struck / at the fact that we're all fucked! / All ducks in a row, thriving off one mineral / Hurts on the low / so I compose syllables / Visual / This empire's gonna fall / if we use our mind power ti collapse the walls Verse 3 Take a deep breath / as I give it my best / to flee the realms of stress / Look! now I'm at the top of Everest / At the crest with my Emperess / I suggest, we reside at no particular address / Leave the world behind / See the true divine lack of limitation through creation / It can't be found within the borders of the nation / Patiently I ski on treetops and eavesdrop / as the leaves talk / if there's an earthquake / I let the beat drop / Knees knock in panic / so I cradle the planet / take a thought and expand it / til it becomes a mode of transit / and it takes me / where my imagination finds elation / to define senation / I had to cling to correlation / For a patient waiting in my foyer / I'm like Okoye / run through / hit em with that check one two / Travel from the stage to the stone age without a pause / cause I use my mind power to collapse the walls
Mr. Lif Verse 1 I bungi jump your interface/ Inner Space / Martin Short / frame contort / Many thoughts trickle down the sine / I'm everywhere at one time / omnipresent / hardly pleasant / your investment up for auction at the fertile crescent / isn't that a bitch?! / Told you that I'm nice with Boskonovitch / wanna switch / flip the switch / watch your body twitch / oh so cold and gruesome with hands like Newsome / choose some / opposition / leave your neck piece loose and oozing blood / hop up out the ground like C.H.U.D. / mini beast / eat a couple humans / operation mini feast / many pieces linger / necks and finger / if ya / still breathing I return to injure with the / power of Thor / I summon the raw / come in the door with a big saw / then seep through the floor / I permeate surface / the earth is just one level / keep the rhymes outside of the box to raise rebels Dumbtron Verse 2 Abrasive levels appraise devil music with a monocle / phenomenal rhinocerous in a box with much smaller animals my hoofs on your mandible / with ox cutter audio to shave loose tooth enamel / so crack me a grin as fake as you can the brrap greet ya like the grim reaper shakin' your hand fam / indeed it is a rap feature Dumbtron is ear PRON creature from the black murk lurkin when you grand stand / and take an elephant shit on you and your mans plans yall some parrots and fake as the pair on Pam An / rather unique / one day out of the week / at a crowded boutique / smack a wack rapper out of his teeth music concrete / alarming heat at the heels of a punk politician trump tall tales with a bump full of bomb fission / throw arms start swingin' / alarming from a long distance / the song suggests somethin' is infinitely wrong with him Vinny Paz Verse 3 The sentinel smash / without even a dent in your glass / I was gas / I was the Dali Lama tenuous past / I was ash / I was the soil that transcended the grass / I'm Richie Valens last thought when he went through the crash / I was calm / I was created in a heavenly storm / I was Viakong / I fought against the enemy bomb / I was strong / I was the bullet grazing Kennedy's arm / I'm Islam / Allah U Akbar .... / I was pain / I was the innocent that set to be slain / I was change / I didn't overstand why Malcolm was maimed / I was framed / I was Mumia when they locked him in chains / I helped Assata out of Clinton / then they got in the plane / I was breath / was an organism turned into flesh / I was death / I was the fire burning David Koresh / I was fresh / I told Rick and Russell how to be DEF / I was best / before you muthafuckaz took what was left
Verse 1 (Metro) Hate me cause you ain't me / thug with a badge / I won't budge / Minding my business / no I'm not selling drugs / "Sir you fit the description of a fool / It wasn't you, well then it could've been your brother wordup" / So what you saying? / "Look kid, I'm just doing my job / neighbors complaining bout a crime and claiming you was involved" / It wasn't me! / "Still I'm gonna need 3 forms of I.D." / My temperature's rising, so now they're testing for sobriety / Why! / "Why are you sweating if you're innocent? / Only the guilty work the prison ship / Something to hide? / Run a 50 on his identity / they'll cut him inside / and let the animals cancel each other out, that's how we handle em right / Mr. Lawson, you've got warrants / outstanding ones" / Said it with a smirk / then cocked back his handgun! / Verse 2 (Lif) Lorenzo Doby / now let's brng it back to Rodney / Cops ain't sorry / to them it's more like a safari / their viewing us as 3/5 human, so their guns boomin' / death is looming / ain't no punishment pursuing / them cops got off scott free / it doesn't shock me / until they use their tazer to shock me / They use "Freeze Plus" to seize us / dogs and leave us in dark alleys / protest, they beat you at rallies / Families won;t recover from loss of a brother, mother, sister, or father / it's outright slaughter / Emancipation proclamation / just some documentation to rock you to sleep knowing your cell is waiting / this nation is a plantation / the government s slave master / police are trained to gather slaves faster / ask them brothers down in Alabama / They brought the chain gangs back in '95 / Slavery's alive ! / Housing crisis, oil crisis / Low pay and high prices / As the desperation rises / they'll be ready to fight us with shields and snipers / they'll kill your kid in diapers / they'll murder anybody like us! / Verse 3 Lif and Metro 41 shots / 50 shots / 81 shots / leaving Brothers in burial plots / we rot / They've got a million of us locked / and aiming for a million and two / that's me and you / but this is where the buck stops / lots of us don't get a chance to advance like your kids / you've got our Pops doing long bids / Solitary confinement / Mind out of alignment / and when we get out / they'll be no chance for refinement / jobs ain't hiring / what a hostile environment / doing short bids that turn into long stretches / for fighting off killers that's coming wit sharp weapons / Guards ain't helping / They only pick up where the pigs left us / Karate Kick you in the intestines / I'm learning big lessons, on how to thug as a proffesion / They want 12 percent of all Blacks in jail by 2010 / The future's looking pretty grim / Once again / I'm stressing us learning our rights / It's looking like / We're headed for a gun fight!!
Hatred 03:22
Verse 1 Black Man! / You better stand strong / hurry before our chances for survival are gone / it's the youth man / they get we at a young age / try to live a better life but them want RAGE!! / You may ask me where this is coming from / so Imma let the numbers run / in the year 2000 / 46 % high school graduate Black man / without a job or in the can / 2004 / the number had increased by 4% more / where does this leave us? / presently void / shaking in a jail cell paranoid / I see lots of young Black men pun TV / Nuff jewelry /yet them not free / how can it be that we can't see / we're still shackled on that boat in the great blue sea / Flee! / You don't like hearing the truth? / The message that you're spreading is deading the youth / A people with no foundation stand naked / Look in the mirror and sever the hatred Chorus "Listen"..."Knowledge be the key...to unlock your brain" Verse 2 When I'm walking down the street, I see it all the time / People looking at me like my dreads are a crime / They signify the fact I refuse to conform / and I rock em' real thick, cause I'm allergic to the norm / I guess it makes them mad because I cause a reaction / maybe I remind them of their own lack of passion / cops straring at me with a fatal attraction / even Black people mad, cause I don't rock the common rapper fashion / Hoodied down / no bling / just intelligence / and a fire that'll burn nuff pestilence / yet this man in my face with irrelevance / told me go abck to the jungle with the elephants / Let me cross the street before I catch a case / cause I could wild the fuck out, and kick you in your face / which brings us right back to where we started in the first place / wanna make it home, but Brothers' out at 1st base / It takes a bigger man to see the bigger plan / to analyze experience and truly expand / you must / keep a level head and never combust / with true peace of mind, they could never truly conquer us / we're conquerors in our own right / we're blessed by the sun / and we're one with the night / the darkness is a fertile ground for creation / foundation / for the sun's presentation / Both provide energy / growth and chemistry / reflect / redirect / but respect your enemy / without unity, we could never make it / look in the mirror and sever the hatred Chorus "Listen"..."Knowledge be the key...to unlock your brain"
Head High 04:27
Verse 1 So I sit back, relax, pack a bowl / Imagine if I made the honor role / hop in if you wanna roll / hurry cause I've gotta go / jet setter with a vendetta / not many men better than the trend setter / send weather through your town / knockin out your pseudo sound / pound through your ground / cause tremors / dilemmas for antennas and tenor sax players call me Amadeus / They say Decaye, please paint a picture to portray us / so I think vividly / open up a portal to infinity / vision a tank / then with my infantry / roam through a mine field with thoughts my mind yields / the government has offered, yet my men have denied shields / so we run in brazen / guns blazin' / dazing opposition with precision, now we're on a mission / listen, hear that fuse hissin', now your leg is missing / blood will glisten, then your soul will seep int the solar system / Damn, I started feeling ragged and low, but I could summon up the energy with some of that Dro / Break me off a leaf and I become the chief / I need the relief / this world'll never leave me at peace / the beast works in many ways / many days'll pass / he blurs my vision when I stare at my path / but yo let me chill God / I could rhyme for days on this beat / Lemme retreat / and smoke a little sticky green leaf Chorus Belief in this plane doesn't seem sane / I strain / trying to unlock my brain / My soul / seeks a greater knowledge and so / I analyze the globe, and watch the story unfold Living on this plane doesn't seem sane / I strain trying to unlock my brain / My soul / seeks a greater knowledge and so / I analyze the globe, and watch the story unfold Verse 2 Man I just sit back and get real blazed / start analyzing God's most mysterious ways / from tribesmen to civilized men / to victimized when enslaved to live the ways of colonized men / Emancipation onto Nancy Reagan / to Michael Irving catching passes from Aikman / money don't make men / but many look past / who they see in the glass / to live the ways of modern day and spiritually fast / I was living too fast / had to slow down / create my own sound / inspiration leaking through my dome now / so foul watching Jeremiah spit fire / knowing it reflects on Obama / Mo' drama / That petty Black shit / televised and enacted / the perfect trap t turn the "Change" campaign backward / it hurts that even our most prestigious leaders cannot shun what those centuries of hatred have done / That old crabs in a barrel makes our chances none or narrow, to have our race perceived with the graces of a pharoa / It hurts me to the marrow when I drive through the ghetto / and see my peoples caught up in a life that won't let go / And what's weird is / few of them will hear this / melody I'm pouring from my soul so fearless / but chill God, I could rhyme for days on this beat / Lemme retreat, and smoke a little stick green leaf Chorus Belief in this plane doesn't seem sane / I strain / trying to unlock my brain / My soul / seeks a greater knowledge and so / I analyze the globe, and watch the story unfold Living on this plane doesn't seem sane / I strain trying to unlock my brain / My soul / seeks a greater knowledge and so / I analyze the globe, and watch the story unfold
Verse 1 As the woe of the common man grows / I suppose / I should flow / Think of all the things that we should know / The hood grows out to the burbs / too many words to describe how we've gotten what we didn't deserve / The nerve of these leaders to cheat us / Dangling the sweetest opportunities for home ownership /then flip / Now it's over / Foreclosure / Four soldiers died in Iraq / Stumbled in a trap / Ain't no bringing em back / I'm swinging the axe to chop off, whatever pops off / the nasdaq drop off / but people are not soft / We're pissed off, fucked over, overlooked / Overbooked for unemployment / Lost and ready to destroy shit / B- Boy shit / That's what I remain on / I stay strong / Call me up, my name rain napalm/ You're funding a war / but you can't fund us? /And you plan to turn the planet to dust? / I heard it today! Verse 2 It started when the planes hit home / Then it really hit homes / Now we're out in the street / with no shoes on our feet / so I turn to the beat / Keep my mental physique / functioning at it's peak / Til you call me elite / Then I repeat the steps / Give some change to vets / They caught you with bullets They caught us with debt / I step silent / in attempts to side step violence / Tap into my brain so I can remain timeless / I'm just / out here trying to cope try to eat a little food / try to buy a little smoke / Choke a couple politicians cause I've got a couple dollars missing / Buy some lotion so my skin'll glisten Missile hissin' / Direct hit when you didn't expect / All ordered by a president we didn't elect /So I'm hoping that the DJ will give this some play /so the people that'll listen can say / We heard it Today! Verse 3 They were willing to give people with bad credit loans / cause they knew within a few years / we're out of our homes / and they can buy up all the same properties they sold us / For the wealthy and maniacal the shit was a gold rush / They told us rates could fluctuate / but they didn't say they could spike / Now our credit is like / "How we gonna get another place?" /Look at our face / Distress at best / and yes / Anger manifests / when our president Sees us drowning in the elements / He really doesn't give a fuck, so he acts with hesitance Bush offered only one tenth of us paupers / relief / that may or may not decrease grief / He'd rather help the lenders /Original offenders That sent us off to get job number 3, humbly sacrificing education and health care / He'd rather just perpetuate the war cause there's wealth in it / Health benefitted, heavily tinted windows of CEO's Rols (Royce) / remain closed / So they never have to listen to those who oppose the path that they chose / To slow economic woes / they'll prey upon our desperation / instead of seeking elevation / Shit is catastrophic in my estimation /It happened during a Republican reign / and some of y'all still went and voted Mc Cain? / I heard it today!
The Sun 03:40
Verse 1 I came from the wind / came from the seas / came from kings / came from queens, providing means to express what's seen / I'm the hope that'll gleam when things seem useless / futile / fruitless / I'm hoping you can use this / the truth can be ruthless / you're launching your attack, then you need some theme music / expressing your emotions / in sync with the oceanic tide believe we're gonna glide / Don't panic / I could be frantic or maybe mellow and soothing / no matter what tempo or form, I still moving / I moved Bob Marley / and I moved Etta James / yet they claim when a riot breaks out / I'm to blame / Same people who / raised hell in their youth / now they've got all types of advice to tell you / do what you feel / if your actions are real / then you shall find glory when the truth is revealed / Just follow your calling, when your missions are done, they'll wonder..... Chorus Where did you come from...High in the sky you're the sun...I've been waiting for someone like you...Where did you come from? Verse 2 Where did I come from? Well it starts with the drum / enemies run / once you hear my rhythm you're done / you should have come / you shouldn't have spun ud into bondage / 40 acres and a mule / another broken promise / we're working in the fields, well you should pay us as farmers / Make a compromise, well that's the way you uncle Tom us / Divide and conquer / on the low we grow stronger / every situation you create, we'll make a song for / freedom's what we long for / our pain and our soul / all captured by a griot as our story is told / so our future generations can express and unfold in modern societies / as we're nearing our goals / MC's will be the vessel / so long as they don't aim the minds of our youth toward material gains / If this starts to happen / then you'll turn to the captain / that's where you'll find me checking in / ready for action / solar generated, cultivated by the sun / just follow your calling / when your missions are done they'll wonder.... Chorus Where did you come from...High in the sky you're the sun...I've been waiting for someone like you...Where did you come from? Verse 3 Where did I come from? / Sit back and just wonder! / Earth is my element / Lightning / Thunder! / grey skies signify the pain I've been through / You can see it in my eyes, unleashed at every venue / messages I send you could cut like Tenchu / until you recognize your potential / I won't let you wander, aimless nameless / carrying the stainless steel / concealed / fucking with crime to gain fame is low / wanna race around the world? / let's go! / no luggage though / that anger that you carry / Let go! / I ran far / Way past the crisis in Myanmar / stood in the ... where eternal sands are / Gazed at the horizon and the future looked enticing / so my only choice / stay on my path and keep grinding / Wildin' / Saying fuck the critics / Never compromising / I'll push your eyes in if you;re sleeping while I'm verbalizing / Yes I do this out of love and for the fun / Just follow your calling / when your missions are done, they'll wonder......
Dawn 03:46
You see my mind gets to clickin' / and the light started blinkin' / pen steady leakin' / next thing "Oh we've got a song" / and time keeps on slippin' our survival seeming distant, but progression is a lesson / and thus we move along / and I remember Easter when my Mom gave me that boom box / boxing out the world every time I heard a tune knock / Knocking on my door got no response / I was lost in a small room in a small apartment in Boston / My own universe with verses bouncing off the wall in reverb / pop quiz / do you remember these words? / " I'm the King of Rock!" / and til this day there is none / back when musicians flaunted styles that hadn't been done / and era to treasure / I pay homage when I put a pen to / the paper / drop a jewel to school you later / vapor catches word matches assemble thoughts (visions) / wisdom leaking through my pen / speaking volumes / tunes remind me blindly seeing life in 2 dimensions (inventions) / amplifying what I mention / word, syllable, sentence / Sent this to a million folks I never met / they regard it as an ancient epithet / and they haven't even read it yet / etiquette pertaining to predicate / my actions attracting interactions from factions seeking rations / Cash and jewels escape me as I walk the streets faintly / panicking lately / usually a calm Brother / I suffer / from the stress and duress of the windows that I see closing / never know which ones will be open / and I keep hoping for a little rest / but it doesn't seem to be in my cards / so I wake up and I work hard / hardly sleeping / fans needing more of the raw / they tell me never stop / well I can't promise I'll forever drop / However by request / from your favorite chef / another rhyme written near death / a data platter served best / on a sunny day drive with some weed in your chest / or in the dead of winter when you've got some time to invest / more or less horrorfest awaits those who hesitate / and miss their calling in life / this time it's too late / But for now / recognize that God bless the child / with style / support my records / keep me on file / and I'll bring forth / with sincerity of course / some descriptions of my missions as I'm plotting my course Chorus It's the end of an era / but the dawning of a brand new age / live your life inside these brand new days / though they tell you it's terror / it's the dawning of a brand new age / move forward in these brand new days / take a look in the mirror / love yourself inside these brand new days / if you don't, you may molt and decay / though they tell you it's terror / how I know it? / it was wrote on my page / live your life inside these brand new days
Obama 04:00


This is my first artistic venture since removing myself from the industry after a harrowing tour bus wreck in December 2006. These songs were written at the dawn of the Obama administration and they contain my thoughts on life in America moving forward. Ultimately, this music is intended to both alert and uplift the people.

Guest appearances include: Bahamadia, Vinny Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks), Metro (of SA Smash), Willie Evans Jr & Paten Locke as Dumbtron

Production by: Edan, J Zone, Batsauce, Headnodic, Willie Evans Jr., Paten Locke, & Mr. Lif

Your Support Is Appreciated!


released April 14, 2009

Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises Inc. 2009


all rights reserved



Mr. Lif Boston, Massachusetts

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