from Sleepyheads by Mr. Lif



Just a little something I cooked up at the crib one night. Sincere, heartfelt, and quirky as fuck.



Verse 1

It's always night time when I write rhymes / That's the only time that I might find / The phone not ringing / Mail man not bringing stress that's shortening my life line / What's this I'm seeing on Dateline? / Somebody murdered in a hate crime / Sorrow building up in my heart / Then I start / but I stop / cause I really do hate crying / Even though it's worse when the tears don't come /That's when it feels like I just go numb / Ho hum, I'm jogging in place / On the low, so my music gets lost in space /You take a taste and then you pass me on / but please find a system to blast me on / I be staying up wiring rhymes til dawn / Don't wait to appreciate this when I'm gone


I might watch an old school flick / Hit you with the new shit / Do shit / Stimulate the brain like a news clip / Who's it? / That's me / Greater than Gatsby / Ask any one of my friends, they'll say I'm ashy / Pass me the lotion / Watch it absorb / I'm too real, so you'll never see the God in Forbes / Magazines wanna capture my ideals / but on the low, I'm just giving y'all Braille to feel / Now sit back and watch me reflect / View my light / The God beam clearer than hindsight / and my mic might strike down a few / Piss me off and I'll open up the ground for you / Was I supposed to rhyme more? / Scatter brain / My dome is like jigsaw / I've got a big saw / C4 / What I got the door rigged for??? /
Discourages house guests / You can find me dining out less / Consider this a home cooked meal / For real / Just a little something you feel



from Sleepyheads, released December 11, 2012
Produced by Lif / Lyrics by Lif / Cuts by Mr. Sonny James


all rights reserved



Mr. Lif Boston, Massachusetts

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